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SERC: MeaningCategory
SERC(organization) Science and Engineering Research Councilastronomy
SERCSoutheastern Electric Reliability Council (US)energy
SERCScottish Endurance Riding Clubsports abbreviations
SERCStructural Engineering Research CenterUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to serc

  • SRS- Speed Reference System
  • SARS- Severe acute respiratory syndrome
  • SRC- Space Research Corporation
  • SRG- shell replenishment gear
  • SARC- Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
  • SCRS- Sidewall Cores
  • SREC- Seismic Record Log
  • SRJ- Capitán Germán Quiroga Guardia Airport
  • SRZ- El Trompillo Airport
  • SRX- Gardabya Airport
  • SRQ- Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport
  • SRK- Siorapaluk Heliport
  • SgrS- Sugar transport-related sRNA