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SHAMS Smart Howitzer Automated Management System Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to shams

  • SMS - Short Messaging Service
  • SNS - Strategic National Stockpile
  • SANG - Saudi Arabian National Guard
  • SMG - sub-machine gun
  • SMK - Smoke
  • Smoke - BE smoke base ejection
  • SNCO - Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (USMC, E-6 - E-9)
  • SNCOA - Senior Non-commissioned Officer Academy
  • Snacko - A highly underestimated, mission critical position held most often by Lieutenants in a new flying squadron. Doing well at the Snacko position will prompt one for a laudable career. Failing at such a job will often entail severe ridicule and, if necessary, replacement and retraining by the flying squadron.
  • SGMC - State Gold Mining Corporation
  • SMC - State Mining Companies
  • SMX - many, including: Server Macro Expansion