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SHAPE: Meaning Category
SHAPE Safety Health Awareness Prevention Education Community abbreviations
SHAPE Self Help A Positive Experience Community abbreviations
SHAPE Shared Housing Action Plan Enterprise Community abbreviations
SHAPE Sexual Health Advocacy Peer Education Educational abbreviations
SHAPE Sexual Health Awareness Peer Educators Educational abbreviations
SHAPE Sexual Help And Peer Education Educational abbreviations
SHAPE Sharing Healthy Adolescents And Parent Experiences Educational abbreviations
SHAPE Staging Hosting And Publishing Environments computing abbreviations and acronyms
SHAPE Secret Harbour Association of Performers and Entertainers media abbreviations and acronyms
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe Military abbreviations
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe Military abbreviations
SHAPE Sport, Health, And Physical Education University abbreviations
SHAPE Students Health And Physical Education University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to shape

  • SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
  • SCHIP - State Children¡¦s Health Insurance Program
  • SOB - Short of breath
  • SAF - Small Arms Fire
  • SAP - Semi-Armour-Piercing
  • SAPHEI - Semi-Armour-Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
  • SAPI - semi-armour-piercing incendiary
  • SAVA - Standard Army Vectronics Architecture
  • SB - Short Barrel
  • SEP - Soldier Enhancement Programme
  • SFW - Special Forces Weapon
  • shp - shaft horsepower
  • SIP - System Improvement Plan/Programme
  • SJHP - Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
  • SOF - Special Operations Force(s)
  • SOP - Standing/Standard Operational Procedure(s)
  • SP - Shore Patrol
  • SPAW - self-propelled artillery weapon