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SICORSingle Intelligence CorrelatorMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sicor

  • SASR- Special Air Service Regiment
  • SUGRA- (astrophysics terminology) SUperGRAvity
  • SESAR- Single European Sky ATM Research
  • S., Sacr.- Sacrum ("Sacred")
  • SECURE- Safe And Effective Communities And Understanding For Response To Emergencies
  • SISR- Speaker Independent Speech Recognition
  • SACEUR- Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
  • SACRA- (French Command and Control System)
  • SECRA- Secondary Radar Data Only
  • SHGR- Self- Heating Group Ration
  • SICR- Specific Intelligence Collection Requirement
  • SIGIR- Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction
  • SOCEUR- Special Operations Component, United States European Command
  • SOSR- Suppress, Obscure, Secure, and Reduce
  • SUCR- Single-Use Camera Reader