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Sis: MeaningCategory
SissisterCommunity abbreviations
SIS: MeaningCategory
SISShaken infant syndromeacronyms for diseases and disorders
SIS(Instrumentation) Superconductor-Isolator-Superconductorastronomy
SISSocial Information SystemCommunity abbreviations
SISSpirit In SisterhoodCommunity abbreviations
SISSurveillance Identification SocietyCommunity abbreviations
SISSchool Internet ServerEducational abbreviations
SISSchoolnet Internet ServerEducational abbreviations
SISStudent Information SystemEducational abbreviations
SISSuccess In ScienceEducational abbreviations
SISSafety Instrumented SystemElectronics abbreviations
SISSuperconductor Insulator SuperconductorElectronics abbreviations
SISSaws Information Systemcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SISSunne In Splendourmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SISSpecial Information SystemsMilitary abbreviations
SISSpecial Intelligence ServiceMilitary abbreviations
SISSpecial Intelligence SystemMilitary abbreviations
SISSTOW Infrastructure SystemMilitary abbreviations
SISStrategic Information SystemMilitary abbreviations
SISSystem Integration and SupportMilitary abbreviations
SISSoccer In the StreetsNon-Profit Organizations
SISShimano Index Shiftingsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SISSpectrum Internet Suitesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SISSymbian Installation Systemsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SISScience Information SystemsUniversity abbreviations
SISStudent Information ServicesUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sis

  • SCIC- Significant change in condition
  • SICU- Surgical intensive care unit
  • SEOC- State emergency operations center
  • SAC- Small Arms Collimator
  • SAS- Special Air Service
  • SAWS- Squad Automatic Weapon System
  • SIC- Second in Command
  • SOG- Speed Over Ground
  • SUC- Square Ultra Compact
  • SWC- Semi WadCutter
  • SWS- Sniper Weapon System
  • SAASS- School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
  • SOS- Squadron Officer School or Special Operations Squadron
  • SWAG- Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
  • SSES- Ships Signal Exploitation Space
  • SAG- Surface Action Group
  • SEC- State Enterprises Commission