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SITES: MeaningCategory
SITESSocial Involvement Through Education And ServiceEducational abbreviations
SITESStandard Information Topic Exchange Systemcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SITESSnake In The Eagles Shadowmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SITESService Information Training And Entrepreneurship StationsUniversity abbreviations
SITESStudent Information Technology Education ScholarshipUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sites

  • STC- Supplemental Type Certificate
  • STCA- Short-Term Conflict Alert
  • SIDS- Sudden infant death syndrome
  • SGTS- Second-Generation Tank Sight
  • STE/ICE- Simplified Test Equipment/Internal Combustion Engine (US)
  • SEADS- Southeast Air Defense Sector
  • STS- Special Tactics Squadron
  • SSTG- Ships Service Turbo Generator
  • SDC- Shaft Driven Compressor
  • SDHC- Secure Digital High Capacity
  • SDXC- Secure Digital eXtended Capacity
  • SCDES- Sidewall Core Description
  • SDIC- Sonic Dual Induction
  • STSH- String Shot
  • STX- Henry E. Rohlsen Airport
  • SDQ- Las Américas International Airport
  • STJ- Rosecrans Memorial Airport