Found 35 abbreviations in 3 groups
S.M.: Meaning Category
S.M. Sanctae Memoriae ("Of Holy Memory") ecclesiastical
S.M. Societas Mariae (Marists) ecclesiastical
Sm: Meaning Category
Sm Samarium Chemistry abbreviations
SM: Meaning Category
SM smoke military
SM Sado-Masochism Acronym
SM San Marino (ISO 3166 and FIPS 10-4 country code digram) Acronym
SM Soldier's Manual Acronym
SM Submarine Minelayer (US Navy hull classification) Acronym
SM Son May Community abbreviations
SM SchoolMaster Educational abbreviations
SM Stress Migration Electronics abbreviations
SM Surface Mount Electronics abbreviations
SM Scheduler Message computing abbreviations and acronyms
SM Set Mode computing abbreviations and acronyms
SM Shared Memory computing abbreviations and acronyms
SM Small Machine computing abbreviations and acronyms
SM Software Modem computing abbreviations and acronyms
SM Spell Menu computing abbreviations and acronyms
SM Super Mini computing abbreviations and acronyms
SM System Manager computing abbreviations and acronyms
SM Salvage Mechanic Military abbreviations
SM Secretary, Joint Staff, Memorandum Military abbreviations
SM Selection Mechanism Military abbreviations
SM Service Manager Military abbreviations
SM Service Mode Military abbreviations
SM Sixteen Millimetre Military abbreviations
SM Spare part Management system Military abbreviations
SM Staff Memorandum Military abbreviations
SM Staff Month (20 Days) Military abbreviations
SM Submariner Military abbreviations
SM Survey Methods Military abbreviations
SM System Monitor Military abbreviations
SM Storage Manager software abbreviations and acronyms
SM Score Of Matching sports abbreviations
SM Super Mongo sports abbreviations
SM Student Mail University abbreviations
SM Student Miss University abbreviations
SM Supplementary Materials University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sm

  • SME - State medical examiner
  • SAM - surface-to-air missile
  • SAMM - Société d'Applications des Machines Motrices
  • SEME - School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • SEN - shell extended range NORICUM
  • SMAW - Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon
  • SN - Seaman
  • SNA - Student Naval Aviator
  • SSGN - Hull classification symbol for cruise missile submarine. The SS denotes submarine, the G denotes guided missile, and the N denotes nuclear-powered.
  • SSN - Hull classification symbol for general-purpose fast attack submarines. The SS denotes submarine, while N denotes nuclear-powered.
  • SOMA - Student Osteopathic Medical Association
  • SAEMA - Shama Ahanta East Metropolitan Assembly
  • SMA - Societas Missionum ad Afros
  • SONA - Society of National Affairs