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SMs: Meaning Category
SMs Service members Military abbreviations
SMS: Meaning Category
SMS Short Messaging Service avionics
SMS Smith–Magenis syndrome acronyms for diseases and disorders
SMS Sainte Marie Airport [Île Sainte-Marie, Madagascar] IATA Airport Code
SMS Short Message Service computing
SMS System Management Server computing
SMS School Management System Educational abbreviations
SMS Something More for Students Educational abbreviations
SMS SECS (SEMI Equipment Communications Standard) Message Service Electronics abbreviations
SMS Sega Master System computing abbreviations and acronyms
SMS Storage Management Subsystem computing abbreviations and acronyms
SMS Seiner Majestat Schiff Military abbreviations
SMS Single Mobility System Military abbreviations
SMS Sleep Management System Military abbreviations
SMS Supply Management Software Military abbreviations
SMS Smart Messaging Service software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to sm-s

  • SNS - Strategic National Stockpile
  • SANG - Saudi Arabian National Guard
  • SMG - sub-machine gun
  • SMK - Smoke
  • Smoke - BE smoke base ejection
  • SNCO - Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (USMC, E-6 - E-9)
  • SNCOA - Senior Non-commissioned Officer Academy
  • Snacko - A highly underestimated, mission critical position held most often by Lieutenants in a new flying squadron. Doing well at the Snacko position will prompt one for a laudable career. Failing at such a job will often entail severe ridicule and, if necessary, replacement and retraining by the flying squadron.
  • SGMC - State Gold Mining Corporation
  • SMC - State Mining Companies
  • SMX - many, including: Server Macro Expansion
  • SMZ - many, including: Silver Mt. Zion