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SNA: MeaningCategory
SNAStudent Naval AviatorNavy
SNAJohn Wayne Airport (Orange County Airport)[Santa Ana, California, United States]IATA Airport Code
SNASystems Network Architecturecomputing
SNASystems Network Architecture (IBM)[Multiple layers]IT
SNASaturday Night AlternativeCommunity abbreviations
SNASocial Network AnalysisCommunity abbreviations
SNASystem Network Architecturecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SNASubject Not Availablemedia abbreviations and acronyms
SNASurvivable Network AnalysisMilitary abbreviations
SNAStudent Nurses AssociationUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sna

  • SME- State medical examiner
  • SAM- surface-to-air missile
  • SAMM- Société d'Applications des Machines Motrices
  • SEME- School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • SEN- shell extended range NORICUM
  • SM- smoke
  • SMAW- Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon
  • SN- Seaman
  • SSGN- Hull classification symbol for cruise missile submarine. The SS denotes submarine, the G denotes guided missile, and the N denotes nuclear-powered.
  • SSN- Hull classification symbol for general-purpose fast attack submarines. The SS denotes submarine, while N denotes nuclear-powered.
  • SOMA- Student Osteopathic Medical Association
  • SAEMA- Shama Ahanta East Metropolitan Assembly
  • SMA- Societas Missionum ad Afros
  • SONA- Society of National Affairs