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SOA: Meaning Category
SOA service-oriented architecture Acronym
SOA Society of Actuaries Acronym
SOA State of the art Acronym
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture computing
SOA Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Electronics abbreviations
SOA Start Of Authority computing abbreviations and acronyms
SOA Ships On the Air media abbreviations and acronyms
SOA Separate Operating Agency Military abbreviations
SOA Soldiers Of Agony Military abbreviations
SOA Special Operations Aircraft Military abbreviations
SOA Special Operations Aviation Military abbreviations
SOA Speed of Advance Military abbreviations
SOA Status of Action Military abbreviations
SOA Sustained Operations Ashore Military abbreviations
SOA Society Of Actuaries Non-Profit Organizations
SOA Superior Officers Association Non-Profit Organizations
SOA School Of The Americas University abbreviations
SOA Student Organization Accounts University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to soa

  • SSO - Standard-Setting Organization
  • SXC - StarOffice Calc
  • SXI - StarOffice Impression
  • SXW - StarOffice Writer
  • SIU - Satellite interface unit
  • SUA - Special use airspace
  • SCH - Sole community hospital
  • SEIU - Service Employees International Union
  • SSA - Social security administration
  • SSI - Supplemental Security Income
  • SC - Subcutaneous
  • s - second(s)
  • S&W - Smith & Wesson
  • SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
  • SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon
  • SSG - Single Shot Gun
  • SSK - Single Shot Kill
  • SSW - Squad Support Weapon
  • SOW - Special Operations Wing