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S.P.: Meaning Category
S.P. Sanctissime Pater ("Most Holy Father") ecclesiastical
S.P. Summus Pontifex ("Supreme Pontiff", Pope) ecclesiastical
S.P. Sepultus ("Buried"), or Sepulchrum ("Sepulchre") ecclesiastical
Sp: Meaning Category
Sp Special Acronym
Sp Spring tide (nautical charts) Acronym
Sp sine prole (Latin, “without offspring”) Acronym
Sp leave a space Community abbreviations
SP: Meaning Category
SP Shore Patrol military
SP self-propelled military
SP Soft Point military
SP Security Police Acronym
SP Self-Propelled Acronym
SP Spain (FIPS 10-4 country code) Acronym
SP Start Point Acronym
SP Strong Point Acronym
SP Set Point oil&gas
SP Shot point (geophysics) oil&gas
SP Spontaneous Potential (Well Log) oil&gas
SP Service Pack computing
SP Solubility Product Chemistry abbreviations
SP Spontaneous Potential Chemistry abbreviations
SP Social Planning Community abbreviations
SP Spottiswoode Park Community abbreviations
SP Store Parents Community abbreviations
SP Surprisingly Poor Community abbreviations
SP Schools Program Educational abbreviations
SP Skills Practice Educational abbreviations
SP Spanish Educational abbreviations
SP Spell Points Educational abbreviations
SP Signal Processor Electronics abbreviations
SP Space computing abbreviations and acronyms
SP Stops Processing computing abbreviations and acronyms
SP Show Potential media abbreviations and acronyms
SP Special Presentation media abbreviations and acronyms
SP Studio Package media abbreviations and acronyms
SP Suggested Page media abbreviations and acronyms
SP Sabotage Pack Military abbreviations
SP Security Pack Military abbreviations
SP Security Policy Military abbreviations
SP Self Propelled Military abbreviations
SP Shock Practice Military abbreviations
SP Source Program Military abbreviations
SP Spare Military abbreviations
SP Special Proceeding Military abbreviations
SP Specialist Military abbreviations
SP Samaritan's Purse Non-Profit Organizations
SP Smart Pointer software abbreviations and acronyms
SP Starting Pixel software abbreviations and acronyms
SP Sanity Points sports abbreviations
SP Save Percentage sports abbreviations
SP Short Program sports abbreviations
SP Shoulder Pad sports abbreviations
SP Single Play sports abbreviations
SP Single Player sports abbreviations
SP Skill Points sports abbreviations
SP Spirit Points sports abbreviations
SP Sports Plane sports abbreviations
SP Sports Production sports abbreviations
SP Starting Pitcher sports abbreviations
SP Style Points sports abbreviations
SP Subgame Perfect sports abbreviations
SP Super Player sports abbreviations
SP Satisfactory Progress University abbreviations
SP Student Program University abbreviations
SP Sure Pass University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sp

  • SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
  • SCHIP - State Children¡¦s Health Insurance Program
  • SOB - Short of breath
  • SAF - Small Arms Fire
  • SAP - Semi-Armour-Piercing
  • SAPHEI - Semi-Armour-Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
  • SAPI - semi-armour-piercing incendiary
  • SAVA - Standard Army Vectronics Architecture
  • SB - Short Barrel
  • SEP - Soldier Enhancement Programme
  • SFW - Special Forces Weapon
  • shp - shaft horsepower
  • SIP - System Improvement Plan/Programme
  • SJHP - Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
  • SOF - Special Operations Force(s)
  • SOP - Standing/Standard Operational Procedure(s)
  • SPAW - self-propelled artillery weapon
  • SPH - self-propelled howitzer
  • SPP - Special Purpose Pistol
  • SPW - Special Purpose Weapon