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SPARTAN (telescope) Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for AstroNomy, an ultraviolet space telescope that can be released and retrieved by the Space Shuttle astronomy
SPARTAN Stamina, Power, Athleticism, Readiness, Tenacity, Attitude, and Nutrition sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to spartan

  • Spirit Mission - A good natured act, commonly in the form of a prank, banner, or...reacquisition...of a person/thing, to show pride for a group of individuals. Usually harmless.
  • SPIRIT - (instrument) SPace InfraRed Imaging Telescope, an infrared instrument on the Midcourse Space Experiment spacecraft
  • SPRITE - S- Social, P- Political, R- Religious, I- Intellectual, T- Technological, E- Economic
  • SPORT - Soldier's Portable On-system Repair Tool
  • SPARTACUS - Special Projects Area Reconnaissance Teams, Assessing Critically Urban Security
  • SPORTS - Students Presently On Restricted Training Status
  • SPURT - SPinning Unguided Rocket Trajectory
  • SPRED - Special Religious Education