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SPORT: Meaning Category
SPORT Soldier's Portable On-system Repair Tool Electronics abbreviations
SPORT Soldier's Portable On-System Repair Tool Military abbreviations
SPORT Specificity, Progression, Overload, Regression, Tedium sports abbreviations
SPORT Sport Performance and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Team sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sport

  • Spirit Mission - A good natured act, commonly in the form of a prank, banner, or...reacquisition...of a person/thing, to show pride for a group of individuals. Usually harmless.
  • SPARTAN - (telescope) Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for AstroNomy, an ultraviolet space telescope that can be released and retrieved by the Space Shuttle
  • SPIRIT - (instrument) SPace InfraRed Imaging Telescope, an infrared instrument on the Midcourse Space Experiment spacecraft
  • SPRITE - S- Social, P- Political, R- Religious, I- Intellectual, T- Technological, E- Economic
  • SPARTACUS - Special Projects Area Reconnaissance Teams, Assessing Critically Urban Security
  • SPORTS - Students Presently On Restricted Training Status
  • SPURT - SPinning Unguided Rocket Trajectory
  • SPRED - Special Religious Education