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SpR: Meaning Category
SpR Specialist registrar (UK) Medical-organisations
SPR: Meaning Category
SPR Special Purpose Rifle military
SPR San Pedro Airport [San Pedro, Belize] IATA Airport Code
SPR Strategic Petroleum Reserve (US) energy
SPR Sex, Politics, Religion Community abbreviations
SPR Semiconductor Process Representation Electronics abbreviations
SPR Saving Private Ryan (movie) media abbreviations and acronyms
SPR Salvage Point Recording Military abbreviations
SPR Software Portability Review Military abbreviations
SPR Software Problem Report Military abbreviations
SPR System Performance Report Military abbreviations
SPR System Performance Requirements Military abbreviations
SPR System Program Review Military abbreviations
SPR Society for Psychophysiological Research Non-Profit Organizations
SPR Special Production Racing sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to spr

  • SSCVR - Solid-state cockpit voice recorder
  • SABR - Selectable Assault Battle Rifle
  • SAFIRE - Surface-to-Air Fire
  • SFIRR - solid fuel integral rocket/ramjet
  • SIPR - Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
  • SAPR - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
  • SPAWAR - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
  • SEPAR - Separator Sampling Report
  • SFERAE - Global Association for the use of knowledge on Fractured Rock in a state of Stress, in the field of Energy, Culture and Environment
  • SVR - Savissivik Heliport
  • SFR - (astrophyics terminology) Star Formation Rate
  • Suffr. - Suffragia ("Suffrages" i.e. prayers of the saints; Breviary)
  • SBR - Secondary Boundary Ring
  • SCFR - Stem Cell Factor Receptor
  • SAFER - Second Amendment Freedoms for Everyone Rally