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SRA: MeaningCategory
SRASilent Reading ActivityEducational abbreviations
SRASearch And Retrieval Of Abnormalscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SRAStylus Rake Anglecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SRASymmetric Rendering Architecturecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SRASelected Reserve AugmenteeMilitary abbreviations
SRASelected Restricted AvailabilityMilitary abbreviations
SRASenior AirmanMilitary abbreviations
SRASenior AirmenMilitary abbreviations
SRAShip Radio AuthorizationMilitary abbreviations
SRAShip Repair AgreementMilitary abbreviations
SRAShort Range AidMilitary abbreviations
SRASoftware Requirements AnalysisMilitary abbreviations
SRASpecial Repair ActivityMilitary abbreviations
SRASpecialized-Repair ActivityMilitary abbreviations
SRAStock Record AccountMilitary abbreviations
SRASub- Registration AuthorityMilitary abbreviations
SRASystems Research and ApplicationsMilitary abbreviations
SRAScience Research AssociationUniversity abbreviations
SRASpecial Research AnnouncementUniversity abbreviations
SRAStudent Recreation AssociationUniversity abbreviations
SRAStudent Resident AdvisorUniversity abbreviations
SrA: MeaningCategory
SrASenior AirmanAirforce
SrASenior Airman - USAFMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sra

  • SSR- Secondary surveillance radar
  • SCORE- Stratified Charge Omnivorous Rotary Engine
  • SR- Short Rifle
  • SRAW- Short Range Assault Weapon
  • SRI- Short Range Insert
  • SRU- Shop Replaceable Unit
  • SERE- Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
  • SRW- Shutdown Roving Watch
  • SAR- Saudi riyal (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • SARA- Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy