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SRB: MeaningCategory
SRBSelective Reenlistment BonusNavy
SRBSingle Regeneration BudgetCommunity abbreviations
SRBSelf Reading Booksmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SRBSoftware Research Bulletinmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SRBSelective Regeneration BudgetMilitary abbreviations
SRBService Rifle BallMilitary abbreviations
SRBSoftware Release BulletinMilitary abbreviations
SRBSoftware Requirements BoardMilitary abbreviations
SRBSolid Rocket BoosterMilitary abbreviations
SRBSystem Readiness BoardMilitary abbreviations
SRBSystem Release BulletinMilitary abbreviations
SRBSystem Review Board (JOPES)Military abbreviations
SRBSmooth Riding Bikesports abbreviations
SRBStudent Resource BookUniversity abbreviations
SRBStudent Responsibility BlockUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to srb

  • SRV- Surrogate Research Vehicle (US)
  • SOERP- State-Owned Enterprise Reform Program
  • SURF- Subsea/Umbilicals/Risers/Flowlines
  • SRF- San Rafael Airport
  • SRP- Stord Airport, Sørstokken
  • SARP- Sexual Assault Recovery Program
  • SCRAP- School and Community Reuse Action Project
  • SCRF- Southern Connecticut Renaissance Festival
  • SCRP- Shawnee County Reentry Program
  • SERVE- Sharing Every Resource Valuing Everybody
  • SHARP- Safety And Health Award Recognition Program
  • SIRB- Senior's Information & Resource Bureau
  • SARB- School Attendance Review Board