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SS.: MeaningCategory
SS.Scriptores ("Writers")ecclesiastical
SS.Sanctorum (Of the Saints)ecclesiastical
SS: MeaningCategory
SSSubmarine or submersible shipNavy
SSSand Storm (METAR Code)Acronym
SSSchutzstaffel (German, roughly "Protection Squadron"; Nazi elite Praetorian guard)Acronym
SSU.S. Secret ServiceAcronym
SSSpanish ShipAcronym
SSStainless steelAcronym
SSStockholm SkinsAcronym
SSSubmarine (US Navy hull classification)Acronym
SSSuper SportAcronym
SSSurface-to-Surface (missile)Acronym
SSSubsea, as in a datum of depth, e.g. TVDSS (True Vertical Depth Subsea)oil&gas
SS(celestial object) Symbiotic Star, a type of binary star system containing a red giant and a hot dwarf star that generate a cone-shaped nebulaastronomy
SSSecond SeriesChemistry abbreviations
SSSolid SolutionChemistry abbreviations
SSStop StaircaseCommunity abbreviations
SSSummerset SpectacularCommunity abbreviations
SSSocial StudiesEducational abbreviations
SSStandard ScoreEducational abbreviations
SSSafety SystemElectronics abbreviations
SSSmall SignalElectronics abbreviations
SSSteady StateElectronics abbreviations
SSSubstationElectronics abbreviations
SSSuper SlimElectronics abbreviations
SSScript Sourcecomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SSSingle Sidedcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SSStack Segmentcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SSSuper Saiyancomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SSSuper Supportcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SSSuper- Systemcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SSSystematic Searchcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
SSScreen Shotmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SSSeconds Sponsoredmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SSSeparate Screenmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SSSesame Streetmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SSSimple Syndicationmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SSSpongebob Squarepantsmedia abbreviations and acronyms
SSThe Star Syndicatemedia abbreviations and acronyms
SS(Number) Sea State (Number)Military abbreviations
SSSakura StationMilitary abbreviations
SSScout SniperMilitary abbreviations
SSSelective ServiceMilitary abbreviations
SSSide StoryMilitary abbreviations
SSSideshotMilitary abbreviations
SSSilent ServiceMilitary abbreviations
SSSilent StrikeMilitary abbreviations
SSSilver StarMilitary abbreviations
SSSingle SourceMilitary abbreviations
SSSinking ShipMilitary abbreviations
SSSlave SelectMilitary abbreviations
SSSmoke ScreenMilitary abbreviations
SSSniper SyndicateMilitary abbreviations
SSSouthern SolidersMilitary abbreviations
SSSpecial ServicesMilitary abbreviations
SSSpecial ShotMilitary abbreviations
SSSpecial StaffMilitary abbreviations
SSSpecific SuggestionMilitary abbreviations
SSSubmarineMilitary abbreviations
SSSubordinate SystemMilitary abbreviations
SSSuper SectorMilitary abbreviations
SSSurface-to-SurfaceMilitary abbreviations
SSSustainable SiteMilitary abbreviations
SSSystem SpecificationMilitary abbreviations
SSSystem SupervisorMilitary abbreviations
SSSystem SupportMilitary abbreviations
SSSystems SummaryMilitary abbreviations
SSSusquehanna SectionNon-Profit Organizations
SSSource Safesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SSStyle Sheetsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SSShortstopsports abbreviations
SSSkid Snapsports abbreviations
SSSocieta Sportivasports abbreviations
SSSoft Standingsports abbreviations
SSSpecial Sportsports abbreviations
SSSplit Squadsports abbreviations
SSSport Sheathsports abbreviations
SSSuper Sportssports abbreviations
SSSuper Sportsmansports abbreviations
SSSweet Spotsports abbreviations
SSSummer SemesterUniversity abbreviations
SSSuperultramodern ScienceUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ss

  • SSO- Standard-Setting Organization
  • SXC- StarOffice Calc
  • SXI- StarOffice Impression
  • SXW- StarOffice Writer
  • SIU- Satellite interface unit
  • SUA- Special use airspace
  • SCH- Sole community hospital
  • SEIU- Service Employees International Union
  • SSA- Social security administration
  • SSI- Supplemental Security Income
  • SC- Subcutaneous
  • s- second(s)
  • S&W- Smith & Wesson
  • SAE- Society of Automotive Engineers
  • SAW- Squad Automatic Weapon
  • SSG- Single Shot Gun
  • SSK- Single Shot Kill
  • SSW- Squad Support Weapon
  • SOW- Special Operations Wing