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SSD Solid-state drive Acronym
SSD South Sudan (ISO 3166 trigram) Acronym
SSD Sub Sea Level depth (in Metres or Feet, positive value in downwards direction with respect to the Geoid) oil&gas
SSD Sliding Sleeve Door oil&gas
SSD Software Specification Document computing
SSD Solid-State Drive computing
SSD Solid State Drive Electronics abbreviations
SSD Switching Sequence Detection Electronics abbreviations
SSD Synchronized Switch Damping Electronics abbreviations
SSD Single Sided Disk media abbreviations and acronyms
SSD Scandinavian Slash Defenders Military abbreviations
SSD Senior Staff Duty Military abbreviations
SSD Service Specific Data Military abbreviations
SSD Single Shot Damage Military abbreviations
SSD Software Support Date Military abbreviations
SSD Strategic Studies Detachment Military abbreviations
SSD Susquehanna Service Dogs Non-Profit Organizations
SSD Software Sequence Diagram software abbreviations and acronyms
SSD Standard Signature Delineator software abbreviations and acronyms
SSD Single Single Double sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ssd

  • SDO - Standard Development Organization
  • STD - Standard
  • SAT - Static air temperature
  • SD - Secure digital
  • SID - Standard instrument departure
  • SADA - Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly
  • SEATO - Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation
  • SKOT - Sredni Kolowy Opancerzny Transporter (armoured personnel carrier)
  • ST - Staff Target
  • STA - shell transfer arm
  • SUIT - Sight Unit Infantry Trilux
  • SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics
  • SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
  • SKT - Specialty Knowledge Test
  • SSgt - Staff Sergeant
  • SST - Supervisor Safety Training
  • SCAT - Small Craft Attack Team