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SSG: Meaning Category
SSG Single Shot Gun military
SSG Sidewall Sample Gun oil&gas
SSG Malabo International Airport (Saint Isabel Airport) [Malabo, Equatorial Guinea] IATA Airport Code
SSG WI PWG Seams Steering Group of Western Interconnection PlanningWork Group (US) (electricity) energy
SSG Super Study Girl Educational abbreviations
SSG Special Services Group Military abbreviations
SSG Special Services Group (SSG) Military abbreviations
SSG Special Study Group Military abbreviations
SSG Staff Sergeant Military abbreviations
SSG Surveillance Specialist Group Military abbreviations
SSG Systems Support Group Military abbreviations
SSG South Shore Gamers sports abbreviations
SSG Superior Sliding Gear sports abbreviations
SSG Surface Science Group University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ssg

  • SSO - Standard-Setting Organization
  • SXC - StarOffice Calc
  • SXI - StarOffice Impression
  • SXW - StarOffice Writer
  • SIU - Satellite interface unit
  • SUA - Special use airspace
  • SCH - Sole community hospital
  • SEIU - Service Employees International Union
  • SSA - Social security administration
  • SSI - Supplemental Security Income
  • SC - Subcutaneous
  • s - second(s)
  • S&W - Smith & Wesson
  • SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
  • SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon
  • SSK - Single Shot Kill
  • SSW - Squad Support Weapon
  • SOW - Special Operations Wing
  • Sq - Squadron