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SSR: MeaningCategory
SSRSecondary surveillance radaravionics
SSRRadar Picket Submarine (retired US Navy hull classification)Acronym
SSRSolid State RecorderAcronym
SSRSara Airport[Sara, Vanuatu]IATA Airport Code
SSRSilent Sustained RockingCommunity abbreviations
SSRSchool Secondary ReportEducational abbreviations
SSRSelf Selected ReadingEducational abbreviations
SSRSilent Sustained ReadingEducational abbreviations
SSRStudent Support RoomEducational abbreviations
SSRSuper Silent ReadingEducational abbreviations
SSRSupport Service RationEducational abbreviations
SSRSustained Silent ReadingEducational abbreviations
SSRSolid State RelayElectronics abbreviations
SSRScoping Study ReportMilitary abbreviations
SSRSecurity Sector ReformMilitary abbreviations
SSRSharp Shooting RangersMilitary abbreviations
SSRSite Survey ReportMilitary abbreviations
SSRSmall Storage RackMilitary abbreviations
SSRSoftware Specification ReviewMilitary abbreviations
SSRSpecial Support and Reconnaissance companyMilitary abbreviations
SSRSupply Support RequestMilitary abbreviations
SSRSword Swing RatioMilitary abbreviations
SSRSystem Summary ReportMilitary abbreviations
SSRSampler Sans Reprochesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SSRSimple Site Rotatorsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SSRSmall Screen Readersoftware abbreviations and acronyms
SSRScary Sad Rookiessports abbreviations
SSRSpeed Star Racingsports abbreviations
SSRSuper Sports Roadstersports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ssr

  • SCORE- Stratified Charge Omnivorous Rotary Engine
  • SR- Short Rifle
  • SRAW- Short Range Assault Weapon
  • SRI- Short Range Insert
  • SRU- Shop Replaceable Unit
  • SERE- Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape
  • SrA- Senior Airman
  • SRW- Shutdown Roving Watch
  • SAR- Saudi riyal (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • SARA- Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy