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SSR: Meaning Category
SSR Secondary surveillance radar avionics
SSR Radar Picket Submarine (retired US Navy hull classification) Acronym
SSR Solid State Recorder Acronym
SSR Sara Airport [Sara, Vanuatu] IATA Airport Code
SSR Silent Sustained Rocking Community abbreviations
SSR School Secondary Report Educational abbreviations
SSR Self Selected Reading Educational abbreviations
SSR Silent Sustained Reading Educational abbreviations
SSR Student Support Room Educational abbreviations
SSR Super Silent Reading Educational abbreviations
SSR Support Service Ration Educational abbreviations
SSR Sustained Silent Reading Educational abbreviations
SSR Solid State Relay Electronics abbreviations
SSR Scoping Study Report Military abbreviations
SSR Security Sector Reform Military abbreviations
SSR Sharp Shooting Rangers Military abbreviations
SSR Site Survey Report Military abbreviations
SSR Small Storage Rack Military abbreviations
SSR Software Specification Review Military abbreviations
SSR Special Support and Reconnaissance company Military abbreviations
SSR Supply Support Request Military abbreviations
SSR Sword Swing Ratio Military abbreviations
SSR System Summary Report Military abbreviations
SSR Sampler Sans Reproche software abbreviations and acronyms
SSR Simple Site Rotator software abbreviations and acronyms
SSR Small Screen Reader software abbreviations and acronyms
SSR Scary Sad Rookies sports abbreviations
SSR Speed Star Racing sports abbreviations
SSR Super Sports Roadster sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ssr

  • 3SR - Three Station Rotating
  • 4SR - Fourth Year Senior
  • SAAR - Strength Accounting and Reporting
  • SAR - Saudi riyal (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • SARA - Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy
  • SARAA - South African Rheumatism and Arthritis Association
  • SARI - Sport Against Racism Ireland
  • SCAR - Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary
  • SCARE - Student Coalition For Awareness Revolution And Education
  • SCCR - Sports Car Club of Rockford
  • S.C.EE.RR. - Sacra Congregatio Episcoporum et Regularium ("Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars")
  • SC EUR - NATO Strategic Command, Europe
  • SCOR - Small Company Offering Registration
  • SCORE - Stratified Charge Omnivorous Rotary Engine
  • SCR - (observing program) SuperCOSMOS-RECONS, a survey that measured the proper motions of stars
  • SCRA - Studio City Residents Association
  • SCREW - Special Comittee to Review Extracurricular Workshops
  • SCRH - Student CRedit Hours
  • SCRI - Scottish Community Renewables Initiative
  • SCRO - Stem Cell Research Oversight