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STA: Meaning Category
STA shell transfer arm military
STA Scheduled Time of Arrival Acronym
STA Surveillance and Target Acquisition Acronym
STA Stauning Vestjylland Airport [Skjern, Denmark] IATA Airport Code
STA Starnes Triennial Archiver Educational abbreviations
STA Story Telling Academy Educational abbreviations
STA Station Electronics abbreviations
STA Clk Station Clock Military abbreviations
STA Science and Technology Area Military abbreviations
STA Self-Test Adapter Military abbreviations
STA Smoke That AK Military abbreviations
STA System Tape A Military abbreviations
STA Student Technology Assistant University abbreviations
STA Student Travel Agency University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sta

  • SDO - Standard Development Organization
  • STD - Standard
  • SAT - Static air temperature
  • SD - Secure digital
  • SID - Standard instrument departure
  • SADA - Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly
  • SEATO - Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation
  • SKOT - Sredni Kolowy Opancerzny Transporter (armoured personnel carrier)
  • ST - Staff Target
  • SUIT - Sight Unit Infantry Trilux
  • SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics
  • SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
  • SKT - Specialty Knowledge Test
  • SSgt - Staff Sergeant
  • SST - Supervisor Safety Training
  • SCAT - Small Craft Attack Team