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STARFISH Society Taking Active Responsibility For International Self Help Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to starfish

  • STRIVE — (a) Synthetic Tactical Real - time Interactive Virtual Environment
  • SDRF - Sustainable Development Research Foundation
  • STARFIRE - Shelter Training And Resources Facilitating Independence Recovery Employment
  • STRIVE - Senior Tax Rebate Incentive Volunteer Exchange
  • SDRB - Specification and Data Review Board
  • SITREP - SITuation REPort
  • STARBET - STructures/ Airframes for Rotorcraft in Battlefield Environment Technology
  • STARFIARS - Standard Army Financial Inventory Accounting and Reporting System
  • STRAF - Strategic Army Forces
  • STRAP - Structure Requirement Analysis Planning
  • STRAPP - Standard Tanks, Racks and Pylons Packages (USAF)
  • STRP - Scientific Technical Review Panel
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