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STAR-T: Meaning Category
STAR-T Super High Frequency Tri-Band Advanced Range Extension Terminal Military abbreviations
START: Meaning Category
START Simple triage and rapid transport healthcare
START Supporting The Area's Rising Talent Community abbreviations
START Supporting The Areas' Rising Talent Community abbreviations
START Steps Toward Achieving Responsible Traits Educational abbreviations
START Strategies for Teaching And Reaching for Talent Educational abbreviations
START Strategies For Teaching And Reaching Talents Educational abbreviations
START Strategy To Attract And Retain Teachers Educational abbreviations
START Substitute Teachers Accountable Responsible Teaching Educational abbreviations
START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks Military abbreviations
START Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty Military abbreviations
START Strategy Tactics Analysis Reaction And Transformation Military abbreviations
START Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism Military abbreviations
START Student Technology Assistance Resource Teamfile University abbreviations
START Student Testing Advising And Registration Team University abbreviations
START Student Transition And Responsibility Tutorial University abbreviations
START Student Tuition Assistance And Revenue Trust University abbreviations
START Student Tutorial Achievement Recording And Tracking University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to start

  • STARTLE - Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar for Tank Location and Engagement (US)
  • STRAT - Stratigraphy, stratigraphic
  • STRIDES - Students Trying to Realize Individual Dreams Ensuring Success
  • STAR TV - Satellite Television Asian Region TV
  • SDRT - Supply Discrepancy Reports Team
  • STARDOCS - Standard Automated Retrieval Documentation System
  • STARTEX - Start of Exercise
  • STRADS - Strategic Deployment System
  • STRATA - Simulator Training Research Advanced Testbed for Aviation
  • STRATOPS - Strategic Operations Division