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Abbreviations similar to stem

  • SADM - Secretary of the Army Decision Memo
  • SATAN - Security Application Technical Authorization Network
  • SCATANA - Security Control of Air Traffic and Navigation Aids
  • SCTM - Silk Central Test Manager
  • SDDM - Secretary of Defense Decision Memorandum
  • SDM - Brown Field Municipal Airport
  • SDME - Software Development and Maintenance Environment
  • SDMI - Secure Digital Music Initiative
  • SDMO - Specification and Data Management Office
  • SDM/U - Subsea Distribution Module/Unit
  • SDN - Sandane Airport, Anda
  • SDU/M - Subsea Distribution Unit/Module
  • SEDIM - Sedimentology
  • SITN - Stanford Instructional Television Network
  • SO-DIMM - Small Outline DIMM
  • SOTN - Submission of the Night
  • SQDN - Squadron
  • SSADM - Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method
  • SS.D.N. - Sanctissimus Dominus Noster ("Our Most Holy Lord [Jesus Christ]", also a title of the Pope)
  • SSTM - Single Service Training Manager