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S.T.P.: Meaning Category
S.T.P. Sanctae Theologiae Professor ("Professor of Sacred Theology") ecclesiastical
STP: Meaning Category
STP Standard temperature and pressure avionics
STP São Tomé and Príncipe (ISO 3166 trigram) Acronym
STP Standard Temperature and Pressure Acronym
STP Submerged Turret Production oil&gas
STP St. Paul Downtown Airport (Holman Field) [St. Paul, Minnesota, United States] IATA Airport Code
STP Spanning Tree Protocol [Link layer] IT
STP Serenity, Tranquility, and Peace Community abbreviations
STP Stick Theme Park Community abbreviations
STP Street Trail Park Community abbreviations
STP Self Test Problem Educational abbreviations
STP Summer Training Program Educational abbreviations
STP Software Technology Park computing abbreviations and acronyms
STP Straight Through Processing computing abbreviations and acronyms
STP Straight To Paper computing abbreviations and acronyms
STP Stop The Presses media abbreviations and acronyms
STP Security Technical Procedure Military abbreviations
STP Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning Military abbreviations
STP Service Transformation Project Military abbreviations
STP Short Term Project Military abbreviations
STP Software Test Plan Military abbreviations
STP Special Tactics Protocol Military abbreviations
STP Swords To Plowshares Non-Profit Organizations
STP Speed Test Pro software abbreviations and acronyms
STP Scenario Tables Pool sports abbreviations
STP Smothers, Tackles, Punches sports abbreviations
STP Soft Tail Pro bicycle sports abbreviations
STP Sanctae Theologiae Professor University abbreviations
STP Statistical and Thermal Physics University abbreviations
STP Student Top Performance University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to stp

  • SADF - South African Defence Force
  • STAB - Steered Agile Beams
  • STAFF - Small Target Activated Fire-and-Forget (US)
  • STUP - spinning tubular projectile
  • SDF - Standard Deployment Folder
  • STEP - Stripe Through Exceptional Performance
  • SDPBH - SDP Bottom Hole Pressure Report
  • SIDPP - Shut-In Drill Pipe Pressure
  • SITHP - Shut In Tubing Hanger/Head Pressure (another term for CITHP)
  • SSTV - Subsea Test Valve
  • STB - stock tank barrel
  • STOIIP - Stock Tank Oil Initially In Place
  • STOP - Safety Training Observation Program
  • SUT(A/B) - Subsea Umbilical Termination (Assembly/Box)
  • SDP - Sand Point Airport
  • SDV - Sde Dov Airport