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SWC: MeaningCategory
SWCSemi WadCuttermilitary
SWCSisters Who CareCommunity abbreviations
SWCStar Wars Roleplaying ClubCommunity abbreviations
SWCScenario and Wargaming CenterMilitary abbreviations
SWCSpace Warfare CenterMilitary abbreviations
SWCStrike Warfare CommanderMilitary abbreviations
SWCSwell/wave CurrentMilitary abbreviations
SWCSacred Well CongregationNon-Profit Organizations
SWCSayWhatClubNon-Profit Organizations
SWCSimon Wiesenthal CenterNon-Profit Organizations
SWCSouthWest Conferencesports abbreviations
SWCSuper Wild Cardsports abbreviations
SWCSouthwestern CollegeUniversity abbreviations
SWCStudent Welfare CenterUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to swc

  • SCIC- Significant change in condition
  • SICU- Surgical intensive care unit
  • SEOC- State emergency operations center
  • SAC- Small Arms Collimator
  • SAS- Special Air Service
  • SAWS- Squad Automatic Weapon System
  • SIC- Second in Command
  • SOG- Speed Over Ground
  • SUC- Square Ultra Compact
  • SWS- Sniper Weapon System
  • SAASS- School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
  • SOS- Squadron Officer School or Special Operations Squadron
  • SWAG- Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
  • SSES- Ships Signal Exploitation Space
  • SAG- Surface Action Group
  • SEC- State Enterprises Commission