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TB: MeaningCategory
TBTrashy Bagsghana
TBTubing Puncher Logoil&gas
TBTransaction Bankingbusiness
TBTriple BurnerChemistry abbreviations
TBTeen BabyCommunity abbreviations
TBTenant BuyerCommunity abbreviations
TBThermoelectric BatteryElectronics abbreviations
TBTight BindingElectronics abbreviations
TBTime BracketElectronics abbreviations
TBTransistor BaselineElectronics abbreviations
TBTransistor BassElectronics abbreviations
TBTo Becomputing abbreviations and acronyms
TBTurn Basedcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
TBTank BusterMilitary abbreviations
TBTechnical BulletinMilitary abbreviations
TBTemporary BuildingMilitary abbreviations
TBThe BunkerMilitary abbreviations
TBTorture BraceMilitary abbreviations
TBTampa Bay Rayssports abbreviations
TBTeam Battlesports abbreviations
TBTenitope Bolegunsports abbreviations
TBThoroughbredsports abbreviations
TBTotal Bases (baseball)sports abbreviations
TBTsunami Bombsports abbreviations
TBText BookUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tb

  • TIFF- Tagged Image File Format
  • TV- Television
  • TAF- Terminal area forecast
  • TBO- Time before overhaul, or time between overhaul
  • TDOP- Time dilution of precision
  • TVE- Total vertical error
  • TWIP- Terminal weather information for pilots
  • TPA- Third-party administrator or third-party administration
  • TIPU- Thermal Image Processing Units
  • TOP- Total Obscuring Power
  • TP- Target Practice
  • TTB- Tank TestBed (US)
  • TAP- Transition Assistance Program
  • TTP- Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
  • TF- Task Force
  • TFOA- Things Falling Off Aircraft
  • TBA- Traditional birth attendant
  • TBBPA- TetraBromoBisPhenol-A