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TBD: Meaning Category
TBD "to be documented", "to be determined", or "to be decided" Acronym
TBD Torpedo Boat Destroyer Acronym
TBD To Be Defined business
TBD Tallwood's Best Days Community abbreviations
TBD Task-Based Development Educational abbreviations
TBD Tibetan Book of the Dead media abbreviations and acronyms
TBD To Be Discontinued media abbreviations and acronyms
TBD To Be Decided Military abbreviations
TBD To Be Determined Military abbreviations
TBD Torpedo Bomber Douglas (Devastator, World War II naval aircraft) Military abbreviations
TBD Trauma Medicine Division Military abbreviations
TBD Tampa Bay Devil Rays sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tbd

  • TFT - Thin-film transistor
  • TBAT - TOW/Bushmaster Armored Turret (US)
  • TP-T - target practice - tracer
  • TVET - Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  • TVT - Trans-Volta Togoland
  • TBT - Tributyltin
  • TOFD - Time of first data sample (on seismic trace)
  • TVD - True Vertical Depth
  • TBUT - Tear break-up time
  • TBTD - TonB-dependent transporter
  • TTFD - Thiamine TetraHydrofurfuryl Disulfide
  • TFD - True Friends Of Davao
  • TPD - Teenage Parent Demonstration