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TCO: Meaning Category
TCO Tactical Combat Operations military
TCO Total Cost of Ownership business
TCO Transparent Conducting Oxide Chemistry abbreviations
TCO Teacher Chosen Objective Educational abbreviations
TCO Third Cache-Off computing abbreviations and acronyms
TCO Triple Capacity Option computing abbreviations and acronyms
TCO Telecommunications Certification Office Military abbreviations
TCO Test Control Officer Military abbreviations
TCO Technical Computing Operations software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to tco

  • Tach - Tachometer
  • TAS - True airspeed
  • TAWS - Terrain awareness warning system
  • TCA - Throttle control assembly, or terminal control area
  • TCU - TACAN control unit
  • TIS - Traffic information service
  • TK - Track angle
  • TKE - Track-angle error
  • TO/GA - Takeoff/Go-around switch, Takeoff/go-around thrust
  • TOGA - Takeoff/Go-around switch, Takeoff/go-around thrust
  • TTS - Time to station
  • TX - Transmit
  • TQI - Total quality improvement
  • TSA - Transportation Security Administration
  • TC - Tank Commander, also Truck Commander (US Army)
  • TDCS - Tank Driver Command System