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TCR: MeaningCategory
TCRTransition Cost Recovery (Mechanism)energy
TCRThursday Club RecordingsCommunity abbreviations
TCRTucker Creek RabbitryCommunity abbreviations
TCRTemperature Coefficient of ResistanceElectronics abbreviations
TCRTactical Control RoomMilitary abbreviations
TCRTest Completion ReportMilitary abbreviations
TCRTransfer Control RecordMilitary abbreviations
TCRTeam Crash Racingsports abbreviations
TCRToyota Circletrack Racingsports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tcr

  • TSR- Tavor Sporting Rifle
  • TCOR- Trusteeship Council Official Records
  • TASER- Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle
  • TDT GR- TDT Gamma Ray Casing Collar Locator Log
  • TGOR- Total Gas Oil Ratio (GOR uncorrected for gas lift gas present in the production fluid)
  • TCHR- Teacher
  • TIGER- Information Governance Education Recognition
  • TQR- Training Quality Report
  • TGR- The Game Report
  • TISR- The International Scope Review
  • TJR- The Jade Rabbit