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TLQ: Meaning Category
TLQ Turpan Jiaohe Airport [Turpan, Xinjiang, China] IATA Airport Code
TLQ Temporary Living Quarters Community abbreviations
TLQ Total Living Quotient Community abbreviations
TLQ Temporal Logic Query computing abbreviations and acronyms
TLQ Top Level Query computing abbreviations and acronyms
TLQ Transient Living Quarters Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tlq

  • TLC - Transport Launching Container
  • TLS - Tank Laser Sight
  • TALES - Technical Advice and Lexicon for Enabling Simulation
  • TLOG - Technical Log
  • TLK - Talakan Airport
  • TLJ - Tatalina LRRS Airport
  • TTLC - Total Threshold Limit Concentration
  • TLAC - Contrbtr Commentz, "to Think Learn Achieve and to Care