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TLS: Meaning Category
TLS Tank Laser Sight military
TLS Timor-Leste (ISO 3166 trigram) Acronym
TLS Times Literary Supplement Acronym
TLS Toulouse Blagnac International Airport [Toulouse, France] IATA Airport Code
TLS Thread-Local Storage computing
TLS Transport Layer Security computing
TLS Tiverton Library Services Community abbreviations
TLS Together Learning and Sharing Community abbreviations
TLS Traditional Lough Style Community abbreviations
TLS Transmission Line Speaker Electronics abbreviations
TLS Tape Library System computing abbreviations and acronyms
TLS Two Level Systems computing abbreviations and acronyms
TLS The Last Survivors media abbreviations and acronyms
TLS The Lost Sombrero media abbreviations and acronyms
TLS Top Level Specification Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tls

  • TLC - Transport Launching Container
  • TALES - Technical Advice and Lexicon for Enabling Simulation
  • TLOG - Technical Log
  • TLK - Talakan Airport
  • TLJ - Tatalina LRRS Airport
  • TLQ - Turpan Jiaohe Airport
  • TTLC - Total Threshold Limit Concentration
  • TLAC - Contrbtr Commentz, "to Think Learn Achieve and to Care