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TOT: Meaning Category
TOT Turbine outlet temperature avionics
TOT Time Over Target Airforce
TOT Time On Target Acronym
TOT Coronie Airport [Totness, Coronie, Suriname] IATA Airport Code
TOT Total; used by the NBA as a subheading for rebounding statistics in its official box scores. sports
TOT Times Of Tribulation Community abbreviations
TOT Trick Or Treater Community abbreviations
TOT Training Of Trainers Educational abbreviations
TOT The Oldgames Times media abbreviations and acronyms
TOT Train Of Thoughts media abbreviations and acronyms
TOT Transfer Of Technology Military abbreviations
TOT Teachers Of Tomorrow University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tot

  • TAD - Terrain awareness display
  • TAT - True air temperature, or total air temperature
  • TOD - Top of Descent point
  • TOTE - Tracker, Optical Thermally Enhanced
  • TWD - Thermal Warning Device
  • TATT - Tired All The Time (medical diagnosis in-joke)
  • TED - Technology Entertainment Design prize
  • TEETH - Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy (medical diagnosis in-joke)
  • THAAD - Terminal High Altitude Area Defence
  • TID - Target Identification|| ter in die (Latin, "three times daily")
  • TOAD - Temporary, Obsolete, Abandoned, or Derelict site (urbanism)
  • TYT - Take Your Time||Internet chat abbreviation
  • TWT - Two-Way Time (seismic)
  • TET - Chingozi Airport