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TSP: MeaningCategory
TSPTropical spastic paraparesisacronyms for diseases and disorders
TSPTehachapi Municipal Airport[Tehachapi, California, United States]IATA Airport Code
TSPTraveling Salesman Problemcomputing
TSPThermally Stable PolycrystallineChemistry abbreviations
TSPTotal Suspended ParticulatesChemistry abbreviations
TSPTri Sodium PhosphateChemistry abbreviations
TSPTake Some PaintCommunity abbreviations
TSPTransition Stakeholders PanelCommunity abbreviations
TSPTechnical Set PatternElectronics abbreviations
TSPTemperature-Sensitive ParameterElectronics abbreviations
TSPTapi Service Providercomputing abbreviations and acronyms
TSPTeam Software Processescomputing abbreviations and acronyms
TSPThe Spamhaus Projectcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
TSPThe Softback Previewmedia abbreviations and acronyms
TSPThe Spiral Pathmedia abbreviations and acronyms
TSPTelecommunications Service PriorityMilitary abbreviations
TSPTest Support PackageMilitary abbreviations
TSPThreat Support PackageMilitary abbreviations
TSPThrift Savings PlanMilitary abbreviations
TSPTraining Support PackageMilitary abbreviations
TSPTroop Structure ProgramMilitary abbreviations
TSPThe Soup ProjectNon-Profit Organizations
TSPTemporary Storage Programsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
TSPThe Supporter Pagesports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tsp

  • TCP- Transmission Control Protocol
  • TCF- Terrain clearance floor
  • TACBE- Tacbe
  • TGP- Terminally Guided Projectile
  • TSSP- Trade Sector Support Programme
  • TACCSF- U.S. Theater Aerospace Command & Control Simulation Facility
  • TACP- Tactical Air Control Party||Technology Applications Certification Program
  • TACSOP- Tactical SOP (Standing Operating Procedure)
  • TGB- Tres grande bibliothèque (French, "Very Large Library"), a sarcastic nickname for the Bibliothèque nationale de France
  • TGIF- Thank God It's Friday, Toes Go In First
  • TGV- Tanjong Golden Village (Malaysian cinema chain)
  • TSOP- Tactical Standing Operation Procedure