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TSS: MeaningCategory
TSSEast 34th Street Heliport (FAA: 6N5)[New York City, United States]IATA Airport Code
TSSTotal Soluble SolidsChemistry abbreviations
TSSTotal Suspended SolidsChemistry abbreviations
TSSTeacher Support SpecialistEducational abbreviations
TSSThe Screen Saverscomputing abbreviations and acronyms
TSSTiff Stack Subsamplercomputing abbreviations and acronyms
TSSTerry Swartzberg Speaksmedia abbreviations and acronyms
TSSThe Sarah Showmedia abbreviations and acronyms
TSSThe Shadowrun Supplementalmedia abbreviations and acronyms
TSSTactical Shelter SystemMilitary abbreviations
TSSTarget Sensing SystemMilitary abbreviations
TSSTime Signal SetMilitary abbreviations
TSSTimesharing SystemMilitary abbreviations
TSSTop Secret SecurityMilitary abbreviations
TSSTraffic Service StationMilitary abbreviations
TSSTechnical Student SocietyUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tss

  • Tach- Tachometer
  • TAS- True airspeed
  • TAWS- Terrain awareness warning system
  • TCA- Throttle control assembly, or terminal control area
  • TCU- TACAN control unit
  • TIS- Traffic information service
  • TK- Track angle
  • TKE- Track-angle error
  • TO/GA- Takeoff/Go-around switch, Takeoff/go-around thrust
  • TOGA- Takeoff/Go-around switch, Takeoff/go-around thrust
  • TTS- Time to station
  • TX- Transmit
  • TQI- Total quality improvement
  • TSA- Transportation Security Administration
  • TC- Tank Commander, also Truck Commander (US Army)
  • TCO- Tactical Combat Operations