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UAV: MeaningCategory
UAVUnmanned aerial vehicleavionics
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehiclemilitary
UAVUnprotected Anal and Vaginal sexAcronym
UAVunmanned air vehicleaerospace
UAVUrban Assault VehicleMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to uav

  • UFO- Uniform Fee Only
  • UHF- Ultra-high frequency
  • UB-04- Uniform Billing Form, modified in 2004
  • UB-92- Uniform Billing Form, modified in 1992
  • UV- Ultraviolet
  • UAF- United Action Front
  • UP- United Party
  • UAAP- University Athletic Association of the Philippines
  • UAB- University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • UEFA- Union of European Football Associations
  • UPF- Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Catalan, "Pompeu Fabra University")
  • UPI- United Press International
  • UPU- Universal Postal Union
  • UUV- Unmanned Underwater Vehicle