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UCLA: MeaningCategory
UCLAUniversity of California, Los AngelesAcronym
UCLAU Can Lose Againsports abbreviations
UCLAUniversity Center for Learning AssistanceUniversity abbreviations
UCLAUniversity of California at Los AngelesUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ucla

  • UEQ/L- Microequivalents per Liter
  • UGL- Universal Grand Lodge
  • UGLY- U Got to Love Yourself
  • USGL- Unidade de Suburbanos da Grande Lisboa
  • UCL- Upper Control Limit
  • UISL- User Interface Standard Library
  • UQL- UML Query Language
  • USL- User Subprogram Library
  • UHSL- Universal Homeland Security Links
  • USALEA- United States Army Logistics Evaluation Agency