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UD: MeaningCategory
UDUnanimous Decisionsports
UDUrban DistrictCommunity abbreviations
UDUltra DigitizerElectronics abbreviations
UDUni-DirectionalElectronics abbreviations
UDUp/DownElectronics abbreviations
UDUser Datacomputing abbreviations and acronyms
UDUser Definedcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
UDUnit DefenseMilitary abbreviations
UDUnit DescriptorMilitary abbreviations
UDUpper Decksports abbreviations
UDUniversity of DetroitUniversity abbreviations
UDUnrestricted DonationUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ud

  • UDDI- Universal Description
  • UET- Universal Engineer Tractor (US)
  • UDT- Underwater Demolition Team
  • UWT- Underwater telephone
  • UID- User ID
  • UT- Universal Time
  • UUID- Universally Unique Identifier (see also GUID)
  • UDA- Urticaria-deafness-amyloidosis
  • UDD- Bermuda Dunes Airport
  • UTE- Butterworth Airport
  • UTO- Indian Mountain LRRS Airport
  • UIT- Jaluit Airport (FAA: N55)
  • UTT- Mthatha Airport
  • UTA- Mutare Airport
  • UDI- Uberlandia Airport
  • UTH- Udon Thani International Airport
  • UUD- Ulan-Ude Airport