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UFO: Meaning Category
UFO Uniform Fee Only Open Standards
UFO Unidentified Flying Object||United Farmers of Ontario Acronym
UFO (astrophysics terminology) Unidentified Flying Object astronomy
UFO Under Fourteens Only Community abbreviations
UFO User Friendly Odorless Community abbreviations
UFO Ultra-Fast Optics Electronics abbreviations
UFO Unidentified Function Object computing abbreviations and acronyms
UFO Ultrahigh Frequency Follow-On Military abbreviations
UFO Unidentified Flying Object Military abbreviations
UFO Unknown, Forgotten, and Overlooked Military abbreviations
UFO Use For Organization Non-Profit Organizations
UFO Unidentified Function Of .... software abbreviations and acronyms
UFO Universal Format Outputter software abbreviations and acronyms
UFO University Finance Office University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ufo

  • UAV - Unmanned aerial vehicle
  • UHF - Ultra-high frequency
  • UB-04 - Uniform Billing Form, modified in 2004
  • UB-92 - Uniform Billing Form, modified in 1992
  • UV - Ultraviolet
  • UAF - United Action Front
  • UP - United Party
  • UAAP - University Athletic Association of the Philippines
  • UAB - University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • UEFA - Union of European Football Associations
  • UPF - Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Catalan, "Pompeu Fabra University")
  • UPI - United Press International
  • UPU - Universal Postal Union