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UFT: Meaning Category
UFT Ultimate Family Tree Community abbreviations
UFT Undergraduate Flight Training Military abbreviations
UFT United Federation Of Teachers Non-Profit Organizations
UFT Ultimate Fly Tying sports abbreviations
UFT Universidad Fermín Toro University abbreviations
UFT Universidade Federal de Tocantins University abbreviations
UFT Zentrum für Umweltforschung und Technologie University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to uft

  • UPT - Undergraduate Pilot Training
  • UVD - UltraViolet Detector
  • UPD - Urbana Park District
  • UFPT - Ultra Fine Pitch Technology
  • UVT - Ultra-Violet Transmitting
  • UBD - User Brain Damage
  • UFD - Unidentified Flags and Ensigns
  • UP&TT - Unit Personnel and Tonnage Table