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UQC: MeaningCategory
UQCUcon Quenchant CChemistry abbreviations
UQCUnacceptable Quality ControlMilitary abbreviations
UQCUnderwater Communications equipmentMilitary abbreviations
UQCUltimate Quad Capturesports abbreviations
UQCUniversité du Québec à ChicoutimiUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to uqc

  • UCS- Universal Character Set
  • USA- United States of America
  • UC- Urgi Center
  • USCG- United States Coast Guard
  • UAS- Unmanned Aircraft System
  • UCI- Unit Compliance Inspection
  • UAC- United Africa Company
  • UG- University of Ghana
  • UGCC- United Gold Coast Convention Party
  • UÇK- initialism for two Albanian guerilla movements
  • UGA- Uganda (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • UGX- Ugandan shilling (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • UIC- University of Illinois at Chicago
  • uig- Uyghur language (ISO 639-2 code)