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Abbreviations similar to uqm

  • USN- United States Navy
  • USNA- United States Naval Academy (Annapolis)
  • UGM- United Ghana Movement
  • USNH- United States Naval Hospital
  • USNI- United States Naval Institute
  • USNO- U.S. Naval Observatory
  • USNY- University of the State of New York (usually pronounced "use-knee")
  • UCN- Buchanan Airport
  • USM- Samui Airport
  • UGN- Waukegan Regional Airport
  • UKN- Waukon Municipal Airport (FAA: Y01)
  • UQN- Unquadnilium (element 140)
  • USWM- United Somali Women of Maine
  • UCGN- Universal Command Guide Newsletter
  • UCM- Universal Context Modelling