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UQTUnquadtrium (element 143)Chemistry abbreviations
UQTUser's Question Timecomputing abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to uqt

  • UST- University of Science and Technology
  • UCSD- University of California, San Diego
  • USAID- United States Agency for International Development
  • USD- (U.S.) Under-Secretary of Defense|| U.S. dollar (ISO 4217 currency code)
  • USDA- United States Department of Agriculture
  • USDI- United States Department of the Interior
  • USDOE- United States Department of Energy
  • USIT- Ultrasonic imaging tool (cement bond logging) Ultrasonic imaging tool (cement bond logging)
  • UKT- Quakertown Airport
  • UCT- Ukhta Airport
  • UKST- (telescope) United Kingdom Schmidt Telescope
  • UCTE- Union for the Coordination of the Transport of Electricity, the power transmission system of continental Europe
  • USTA- United States Tennis Association
  • UCAT- Utica Area Community Action Team
  • UCITA- United For Children In Troubled Areas