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USP Universal Self-loading Pistol military
USP Unique selling point business
USP Underground Siege Project Military abbreviations
USP Universal Selbstlade Pistole Military abbreviations
USP Universal Silenced Pistol Military abbreviations
USP Unicode Script Processor software abbreviations and acronyms
USP University of Sao Paulo University abbreviations
USP University of the Sciences in Philadelphia University abbreviations
USP University of the South Pacific University abbreviations
USP University Scholars Program University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to usp

  • USB - Universal Serial Bus
  • UCVP - Universal Combat Vehicle Platform
  • UGV - Unmanned Ground Vehicle
  • USAAF - United States Army Air Forces
  • USAF - United States Air Force
  • USAFA - United States Air Force Academy
  • USAFE - United States Air Forces in Europe
  • UCAV - Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
  • UCF - University of Central Florida
  • UCSB - University of California, Santa Barbara
  • USAP - Union Sportive des Arlequins Perpignanais
  • uzb - Uzbek language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • UGF - Universal Guide Frame
  • UKB - Kobe Airport
  • UGB - Ugashik Bay Airport
  • UUCP - Unix to Unix Copy
  • UCB - Union Chemique Belge