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USYSUnited States Youth Soccersports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to usys

  • UESAC- Uppsala-ESO Survey of Asteroids and Comets
  • USAIC- U.S. Army Infantry Center||U.S. Army Intelligence Center
  • USEC- United States Enrichment Corporation
  • UKOOG- United Kingdom Onshore Operators Group
  • UCAC- (catalog) USNO CCD Astrometric Catalog
  • UGWZ- (celestial object) UG WZ Sagittae, a subclass of UG-type stars named after WZ Sagittae, the archetype for the subclass
  • USAC- United States Auto Club
  • USEJ- Usona Esperantista Junularo
  • USIC- Upper School Information Centre
  • USAG- Unix System Administrators Group
  • USOC- User Support Operations Center
  • UCCIS- USAREUR Command and Control Information System
  • USAAC- United States Army Air Corps
  • USAAS- United States Army Air Space
  • USACC- United States Army Communications Command
  • USACCA- United States Army Concepts Analysis Agency
  • USACCSA- United States Army Command and Control Support Agency