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UVBurkina Faso (FIPS 10-4 country code; from Upper Volta)|| ultravioletAcronym
UV(astrophysics terminology) UltraVioletastronomy
UVUltra VioletChemistry abbreviations
UVUnite de VillegiatureCommunity abbreviations
UVUltraVioletElectronics abbreviations
UVUltra Visualmedia abbreviations and acronyms
UVUnpleasant Visualmedia abbreviations and acronyms
UVUnderwater VesselMilitary abbreviations
UVUser Variablesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
UVUniversidad VeracruzanaUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to uv

  • UFO- Uniform Fee Only
  • UAV- Unmanned aerial vehicle
  • UHF- Ultra-high frequency
  • UB-04- Uniform Billing Form, modified in 2004
  • UB-92- Uniform Billing Form, modified in 1992
  • UAF- United Action Front
  • UP- United Party
  • UAAP- University Athletic Association of the Philippines
  • UAB- University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • UEFA- Union of European Football Associations
  • UPF- Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Catalan, "Pompeu Fabra University")
  • UPI- United Press International