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UW-L: MeaningCategory
UW-LUniversity of Wisconsin - La CrosseUniversity abbreviations
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UWLUser Word Listcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
UWLUnified Wrestling Leaguesports abbreviations
UWLUniversity of Wisconsin - La CrosseUniversity abbreviations
UWLUniversity Word ListUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to uwl

  • UHL- University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory
  • UIL- University Interscholastic League (governing body for most interscholastic activities, notably sports, in Texas public high schools)
  • UL- Underwriters Laboratories
  • UOL- Buol Airport
  • ULI- Falalop Island Airport (FAA: TT02)
  • UAL- Luau Airport
  • UYL- Nyala Airport
  • UEL- Quelimane Airport
  • ULO- Ulaangom Airport
  • ULY- Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport
  • ULA- Uncommitted Logic Array
  • UUL- Underground Utility Locating