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VTC: MeaningCategory
VTCVideo Tele-ConferenceAcronym
VTCVariable Temperature CutoffChemistry abbreviations
VTCVillage Town CentreCommunity abbreviations
VTCVirtual Teachers CentreEducational abbreviations
VTCVocational Training CenterEducational abbreviations
VTCVariable Timing ControlElectronics abbreviations
VTCVisual Texture Codingcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
VTCVideo TeleconferenceMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to vtc

  • VADS- Vulcan Air Defense System (US)
  • VDC- Voltage Direct Current
  • VEDES- Vehicle Exhaust Dust Ejection System (US)
  • VIDS- Vehicle Integrated Defence System
  • VITS- Video Image Tracking Systems
  • VTEC- Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control
  • VDS- Vadsø Airport
  • VDZ- Valdez Airport (Pioneer Field)
  • VTZ- Visakhapatnam Airport
  • VTG- Vung Tau Airport
  • VVDS- (observing program) VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey
  • VTS- Volatility Trailing Stop
  • VDK- van Dyke