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w/: MeaningCategory
w/With: Software w/Documentation. Typically used in advertising or to abbreviate headings. Never used in formal body text. (North America)Acronym
w/With/ ... ex. w/ CommentaryCommunity abbreviations
W: MeaningCategory
WTungsten (from German Wolfram)||Watt||WestAcronym
WTungsten (Wolfram)Chemistry abbreviations
WWomenCommunity abbreviations
WWiseEducational abbreviations
WWordsEducational abbreviations
WWriteEducational abbreviations
WWrongEducational abbreviations
WWarMilitary abbreviations
WWarningMilitary abbreviations
WWarriorMilitary abbreviations
WWeaponsMilitary abbreviations
WWhiskeyMilitary abbreviations
WWidthMilitary abbreviations
WWhippedsports abbreviations
WWidesports abbreviations
WWinnersports abbreviations
WWinningsports abbreviations
WWisconsinsports abbreviations
WWithdrewsports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to w

  • WWW- World Wide Web
  • WHO- World Health Organization
  • WHA- Weapons Head Assembly
  • WO- Warrant Officer
  • wa- Walloon language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • WEEE- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • WEU- Western European Union
  • WH- Wehrmacht Heer (German World War
  • WHI- Women's Health Initiative
  • WI- Western Sahara (FIPS 10-4 country code)||Wisconsin (postal symbol)||Women's Institute
  • WIA- Wounded In Action|| Wireless Institute of Australia (Amateur Radio)
  • W/O- Without: Software w/o Documentation
  • WOI- Wheels Of Italy