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WA: Meaning Category
WA Namibia (FIPS 10-4 country code; from West Africa) Acronym
WA Washington state (postal symbol) Acronym
WA Western Australia (postal symbol) Acronym
WA World Archery (Federation) Acronym
WA Weak Acid Chemistry abbreviations
WA Water Authority Community abbreviations
WA Way Ahead Educational abbreviations
WA Weak Arithmetic Educational abbreviations
WA Word Association Educational abbreviations
WA WordsAhead Educational abbreviations
WA Writing Assignment Educational abbreviations
WA Wrong Answer Educational abbreviations
WA With Audio media abbreviations and acronyms
WA Wild Aid Non-Profit Organizations
WA Women's Auxiliary Non-Profit Organizations
WA Worms Armageddon software abbreviations and acronyms
WA Whoop Ass sports abbreviations
WA Written Assignment University abbreviations
wa: Meaning Category
wa Walloon language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym

Abbreviations similar to wa

  • WWW - World Wide Web
  • WHO - World Health Organization
  • WHA - Weapons Head Assembly
  • WO - Warrant Officer
  • W - Tungsten (from German Wolfram)||Watt||West
  • WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • WEU - Western European Union
  • WH - Wehrmacht Heer (German World War
  • WHI - Women's Health Initiative
  • WI - Western Sahara (FIPS 10-4 country code)||Wisconsin (postal symbol)||Women's Institute
  • WIA - Wounded In Action|| Wireless Institute of Australia (Amateur Radio)
  • W/O - Without: Software w/o Documentation
  • WOI - Wheels Of Italy
  • WU - Wabash University||Washington University in St. Louis||Western Union||Windows Update||Work unit||WU Wien (German Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)
  • WUU2 - What you up to||Internet slang popular with teenagers.
  • WW - see entry